Hub’O gateway – LoRaWAN


Hub’O is a multiprotocol M2M communication gateway that incorporates every LoRaWAN™ sensor on a single point in order to communicate with a supervisory program, a BMS, a local ModBus automaton or a remote server.


  • Management of several dozen sensors
  • LAN connection: LoRaWAN™, ModBus
  • WAN connection: 3G/Ethernet
  • Easy to install
  • Antenna with possible remote installation
  • IP65 housing: wall-mounted or attached to DIN rail using clips

Hub’O gateway applications:

  • In building or heating management systems (BMS, HMS): remote supervision and control of a set of sensors in buildings and industrial facilities.
  • Alarms: failure, abnormal termination, measurement exceeding a threshold…
  • States: equipment operation, position, command feedback…
  • Measurements: temperature, operating time, remote water / gas / electricity / energy meter reading, number of failures…
  • Actions: machine start / stop, dynamic load control…

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