Thingpark Wireless – Actility / CSTB


Actility, the operator of the new Internet of Things and M2M network ThingPark Wireless has developed with the CSTB, the Scientific and Technical intitute for Building Management, a new and innovative service for analyzing energy consumption by occupied buildings. This new service measures energy performance and defines potential improvements by taking into account various factors such as temperature, human bahavior and electricity pricing. The new service is a long-awaited response to the challenge of new energy-efficient buildings. Habitat Toulouse, the local housing authority, will be first player to roll out this service to monitor the building retrofit program of its social housing properties. In this project nke Watteco provides these sensors :

  • 900 Temperature & humidity sensors
  • 250 TIC harvesting sensors
  • 150 CO2 sensors
  • 200 Pulse sensors

Project presentation (in french) :