Electric heating

Today, over 600 000 thermostats have been marketed ; associated with the programmers, load-shedding devices, etc. Over 700 000 products which communicate via carrier current or radiofrequency have now been installed in dwellings.


Renewable energies

Used by various manufacturers of geothermal and aerothermal heat pumps associated with solar make-up systems, nke Electronics marketed every year more than 10 000 regulator from the PAC_Control range. A Inverter module will enrich the offer: it allows to drive with a variable speed, compressors brushless motor.



nke Electronics develops control units for ventilation box, for tertiary building use. These products control in variable speed commutated motors, while taking account of the fire regulations (smoke control).


Data Telecollection

  • Social landlords: Pas de Calais, PartNord
  • Tertiary: Post-Immo
  • Social housing: Emmaus
  • Operator Heating: Idex, Dalkia, Cofely
  • Maintenance control: individual boiler serviced annually
  • Energy Services

2013 sales : 3000 sensors and 400 hubs.