Lev’O sensor

Metering+Building+IndustryThe LEV’O SENSOR measures the filling level of tanks, cisterns and cavities when the geometry is known. It transmits the absolute pressure of a liquid (water, fuel, oil, fertilizer, etc.) whether it is in a buried or aboveground tank as well as in a mobile tank truck. The Lev’O Sensor reports the data used to evaluate the level of filling on a public or private LoRaWAN ™ radio network.


  • Remote reading of fuel oil, lubricant, liquid fertilizer or milk in a container:
    • Buried, aerial, indoor or outdoor tank (according to the nature of the liquid).
    • Tank truck with possible macro geolocation (according to the performance of the public network).
  • Optimization of the distribution channel.
  • Estimated consumption for intermediate billing.

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