ICT_Data is a solution of technical data telecollection for buildings.

ICT_Data solution includes several sensors (pulse, electric, temperature, elevator, calorie) around a hub.

The system :

  • Wireless sensors managed by a hub
  • The index of consumption and the level of quality of service are sent to a hub.
  • Communication with a control software
  • Data redistribution to the user clients


Advantages :

  • Immediate deployment with the plug and play wireless connection,
  • Considerable autonomy, no maintenance
  • Radio open protocol, usable with WMBus
  • Availability 7/7 24/24, near real-time
  • The hub is multi-purpose, suitable for all types of energy: boiler, elevator, water, gas … It can handle up to 200 sensors and 10 floors. Cost of sensors installation : around 200 to 250€. Cost of infrastructure (hub and repeater) + maintenance : supported by imposed practices (eg. remote monitoring elevator)
  • Data format of transmission : ASCII and binary files. Exchanges by HTTP clientserver, from a TCP IP protocol.
  • No preventive maintenance
  • Extensible perimeter if needed



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