Humid’O – LoRaWAN

You want to act immediately in case of water leakage?Logo Smart Building & Energy

The Humid’O water presence detection sensor is an assembly equipped with a detection probe and its transmitter LoRaWAN™.

The extra-flat probe placed on the ground detects from the very first moment, a beginning of flooding that can occur in a technical room that is not often visited, for example boiler room, computer room, data centre.

Placed in these key locations, you no longer have to worry about a potential leak: the Humid’O sensor monitors and alerts you remotely if it detects the presence of water.

The strong points of the Humid’O solution:

  • Optimized maintenance: avoids scheduled trips to inspect remote premises.
  • Financial: the corrective intervention is immediate, no structural damage and no water anomaly consumption.
  • Innovative: provides a safe service for occupants of logistics buildings.


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