• Distribution agreement between Nke Watteco and ARPCI Hervé Mathé (CEO of SPHINX France and ARPCi) and Jean Claude le Bleis (CEO of Nke watteco) signed a distribution agreement on March 28, 2019. This agreement brings together two complementary businesses to better serve the growing number of customers and prospects who want to adopt the Internet of Things. Read More
  • Multiprotocol communication technology
    - LoRa
    - SigFox
    - Wireless MBus
    - Ipv6/6LoWPAN
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  • nke Watteco LoRa sensors are used worldwide:
    South Africa
    The Netherlands
  • SNEF & Watteco
    Partenariat SNEF Lab & nke Watteco Come learn more about our new partnership with SNEF Lab. Read More
  • Télécollecte de données
    ICT_Data Solution of technical data telecollection for buildings. From several sensors (electric, gas, water, pulse, lift...) associated to equipment, the index of consumption and the level of quality-of-service are sent to a hub. Read More
  • PAC Control nke electronics
    Offset PAC Control For complex applications that comprise up to 45 inputs outputs, Offset PAC Control takes the form of an electronic board housed within the heat pump. It communicates over a bus with an offset Terminal. Read More
  • GPS Rallye
    Rally GPS For all vehicles of a rally, the GPS directs the rider on the track through the screens that describe the track. Real onboard computer, it records the progress of the race... Read More
  • nke watteco
    nke Watteco a member of LoRa alliance We benefit from a know-how in the development of long range radio technology.
    Discover our LoRa range.
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nke Watteco is the European leader in smart sensor solutions and multiprotocol remote data collection systems such as :

  • The IPv6/6LoWPAN protocol and bidirectional, long-range, low-power LoRa radio technology with dynamic bandwidth management (300 b/s to 50 kb/s).
  • The low bandwidth, low-power and long-range SigFox protocol.
  • The Wireless M-Bus protocol

nke Watteco is a major player in the Internet of Things (IoT) thanks to our ideally suited range of sensors.

Our leadership is backed by over 20 years of experience in the design, development, industrialisation and manufacturing of electronic products for harsh (GPS for the Dakar race) or highly secure (electronic locks for the banking industry) environments.

Our products meet the needs for electrical heating control, heat pump management, building energy management, smart metering and smart grid.

Thanks to our range of multiprotocol communication technology (GSM, LoRaTM, SigFox, Wireless MBus…), we are able to meet every requirement relating to remote sensor data collection.

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